Hand Reflex Massage


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Unlocking the mysteries: The healing power
within your hands

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Hand Reflex Massage – Author: Doris Kurschatke

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Content: 200 pages – illustrated in colour with numerous graphics, photos and quotes
With holistic insights for self-treatment and partner-treatment


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© Solemanus – Doris Kurschatke
Softcover, ISBN: 978-3-9819017-8-8
1st English edition, January 2024

Translated from German, 7th revised edition

German-English translation by Hilary Snellgrove

Author, publisher & concept: Doris Kurschatke

Cover design, layout & typesetting: Inga Krämer, Purplemedia


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This book, with its aesthetically designed content, presents a completely new approach to working with the miracle that is our hands. The first step concerns showing appreciation for these, our often neglected, most important tools. Touching, as well as kind and loving hand movements, activate serotonin and oxytocin, our feel-good hormones. Detailed, newly revised reflex tables, as well as numerous drawings and photos showing preliminary exercises and techniques, coupled with affirmations, quotes and chakra references, complete this comprehensive wealth of knowledge about our hands.

In addition, various tips are given, concerning indications, dosage, areas of application, effects (on the internal organs, circulation, brain, spine, pelvis, legs, teeth and mental balance), as well as nutrition, energetic recharging and the care of our hands. This guide is therefore a valuable companion. On the one hand, it is ideal for non-specialist persons, with regard to self-help, support of the family, or a tender form of exchange in relationships.

On the other hand, this holistic, extremely effective method can greatly enrich prophylaxes and therapies given by doctors, therapists and alternative practitioners, and is also of great benefit in the areas of care, hospice and wellness – in line with the motto: „It is in your hands“, or „I feel my illness has been well-hand-led „. This book does true justice to these glorious tools, our hands (Aristotle called them „The organ of organs“), which are often in use for up to 16 hours a day in household, garden, workshop, office, and practice…, providing the long overdue opportunity to fill a gap in the health sector.

The author, Doris Kurschatke, has been working intensively with hand treatments for over 20 years as a holistic physiotherapist. She and numerous other trained therapists who use this method have given tens of thousands of treatments, and the positive effects have already been verified. The fruit of this work is a treasure trove of experience.

»The human touch is the silent gateway to your heart.«